What to do in this situation, how to proceed with your wedding?

These are the questions that all future couples are asking themselves right now, but for the moment it is quite difficult to give a definitive answer since every marriage and every situation is different. Although we can certainly give some advice from our point of view, we hope it will be of some use to anyone who is looking for them. Being in-between of not knowing if it is better to wait or to postpone your wedding because of the coronavirus pandemic can be frustrating. Currently we all share the same feelings without having an idea how the situation will evolve.

Postpone your wedding, do not cancel it!

But let's start from the beginning and try to understand what would be the best course of action in this situation, considering that it is a somewhat complicated time for everyone. Because of the coronavirus, a large part of the global and European economy has come to a halt, as well as transportation, assemblies and any industry that is not of primary necessity, including the wedding sector.

First suggestion is to keep calm and do not panic, we cannot stress this enough. Of course, easier said than done, right? This situation is frustrating and probably discouraging for many. But try to keep calm, unfortunately it is not up to you and we are still talking about your special day that you have been waiting for so long and for which you have dedicated much of your strength and time.

You can also put everything that can be reused aside for example; If you have purchased gadgets, DIY wedding place cards and wedding decorations…so keep everything you think you can reuse on the day when the ceremony will finally take place.

Our main advice to you: postpone your wedding, do not cancel it! That way you won't lose all the advances already paid, or at least not entirely. Despite the inevitable and understandable initial discomfort, try to concentrate and think that your love dream is not lost. So, in case you did decide to postpone the date, it is better to choose a “safe” period that is a couple of months away from the current one and that way you can avoid any further slippage.

It is also important to be flexible, when you have to choose a new day try to consider days that are "the least popular" (therefore midweek) given the massive amount of marriages already scheduled. How about winter and spring months? Consider it too.

We are confident that you can find a location and solution so that your wedding will be unforgettable even during the less hot months. In Istria there are mild temperatures also during October or in the months of March and April. After all, if there is love and loved ones, your day will still be successful, and we are available to help you with that.

In case your wedding is scheduled for August or September, maybe it is too early to decide to cancel it or move it because no one knows how the situation will change in the coming months, so it is better to wait a little longer before deciding. If, on the other hand, your wedding date is close, perhaps it is better to start contacting the various suppliers or your wedding planner and search for a backup solution.

We will again give love a chance to be celebrated

If you decide to postpone your wedding, you must first contact the location for alternative dates which are still available. So, you should start asking other suppliers in order of importance and priority for their availability for dates in the coming months and about advance payments, types of contracts and the flexibility of each of them, will have to be considered. It may be complicated to have all vendors available for a new date. Keep in mind that the best thing is to be honest and speak openly, after all we are all in the same situation.

Once you have decided what to do with your wedding be sure to notify the guests of the postponement or cancelling of the wedding, surely, they too are worried about you and your situation.

Last but not least, keep yourself informed. Try to inform yourself not only about the situation in your country but also about the places of origin of your guests and the place where the wedding will take place in order to have a complete picture of the situation.

But never forget - after rain there's a rainbow - as it’s said in these cases.

Dear future Newlyweds, as we stay safe at our homes and let’s be optimistic so that we can overcome this horrid times. We truly believe that the situation will get better very soon and we will again give love a chance to be celebrated. Use this time at home to find the best solution for you, to think about a plan B, find more ideas for your wedding and ask your family and friends for some advice, this way you won't feel alone during this period. Try to think positive, stay safe and prepare yourself to be ready once the weather clears.

In this time, we want to share some #love and #positivity with you with some photos of our past projects. We think that this unfortunate event has opened our eyes to what really matters and the true meaning of love.