„The best thing about our work is when the final result is appreciated by others, this is the best feedback there can be. We are proud of every positive comment and above all of every recognition and feature that the various media and blogs in the sector give us“

Below you can find some of the most important features:

Surprise proposal in Istria

Valentine's Day is coming, and we are always happy to share the love and above all to remember this unique marriage proposal made in the five-star hotel San Canzian located in Istria. Our decoration surrounded an already magical moment.

If you are interested in checking out this love story, read more on the following blog: https://www.destination-weddings-croatia.com/magical-surprise-proposal-in-istria-elizabeth-oliver/

Wedding chicks blog

The Shades of white project that we did together with other partners has been recognized by one of the most famous blogs in the world of the wedding sector - taken as inspiration for future spouses.

Find the complete blog at the following link: https://www.weddingchicks.com/blog/a-sultry-seaside-wedding-in-croatia-with-a-hint-of-boho-love-l-19018-l-41.html


An elegant and luxury styled wedding came to life on Brijuni Islands in Istria, Croatia. An intimate dinner surrounded by the beauty of the ancient remains of the Church of St. Mary and a unique ceremony carried out in  the Byzantine Castrum with an arch filled with softly colored flowers.

To see more photos of this perfect wedding venue in istria read the following blog: https://thecoordinatedbride.com/latest-weddings/an-elegant-ultra-luxe-styled-wedding-on-brijuni-islands-in-croatia/

Summer Dreaming

Are you dreaming of a complete summer wedding? This photo shoot is a real summer dream with bright colors and a table surrounded by a tunnel of lights in the private garden of the Kempinski Adriatic hotel. This German blog also recognized the result born of a wonderful collaboration with other Croatian and German partners.

To find all the details take a look at the following link: https://www.friedatheres.com/summer-dreaming

Weddings in Istria

The weddings in Istria project has given life to some very special photo shoots in places like Brijuni or San Canzian village & hotel. A project in which thanks to the various collaborations it was possible to show the beauties of Istria and make this region known also for the wedding tourism.

Read the details of this collaboration in this article published by the Croatian tourist board:

Weddings in Istria

Sometimes the community can overcome the competition, and this project born in 2020 is a true example of this. The weddings in Istria project came to life thanks to the various companies from the wedding sector working in the Istrian region.

Read the details of this collaboration in the following article:

Zaruke San Canzian

A marriage proposal that came to life in Istria, in the beautiful San Canzian village and hotel. A romantic dinner for two, the surrounding nature, typical Istrian wine, an incredible sunset and a corner with their photos were the distinctive elements of this proposal.

Check out the following blog to discover more details of this engagemnet proposal made in Istria:

Zaruke San Canzian

Who said the engagement proposal couldn't be special? An example was that of Oliver and Elizabeth who spent a fantastic weekend in the luxury hotel San Canzian in Istria. Our decorations completed their magical moment.

Take a look at the complete blog reported by Story Vjenčanja magazine at the following link: http://vjencanja.story.hr/cvijece/zaruke-za-pamcenje/

Extravagant Magazine

One of the most beautiful love stories of 2020 was published by the Croatian online magazine extravagant.com.

You can see our decorations and the complete blog at the following link:

Vendor of the week

There are many agencies working in the wedding industry in Croatia, and for this reason it is an honor for us to have been recognized as a “vendor of the week” by the Croatian blog “Destination Weddings Croatia”.

You can find many of our works in our gallery section and to know us and our services a little more read the full article at the following link: https://www.destination-weddings-croatia.com/vendor-of-the-week-studio-brzak/