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Wedding dresscode – the most difficult challenge for every guest

Everyday a person in the world wake up with a task: to choose the perfect outfit for a wedding. 

We all know how difficult is to be well dressed for a wedding, especially if we are talking about the dreamy day of our loved ones. The main challenge is to be perfect but without steal the spotlight from the spouses. 

What we don’t really know is that, unfortunately, not all the people are familiar with this important rule. What happens then? Strong personality or just lack of knowledge become the two reasons why all the guest will talk about the wrong outfit of the wedding. 

No panic, we are here to answer at your SOS signal for the wedding outfit. 

To find the perfect outfit for every wedding – what a challenge!

When we receive a wedding invitation, usually the first thought that comes to us is “how can I choose my outfit for that day?”. 

Everybody wants to look perfect at other eyes but in the meantimes everybody should remember that the focus is on the spouses, not on us. For this reason it’s good practice to follow some easy rules to be well dressed but without others’ eyes stressed. 

So, let’s see together 10 tips to not be out of context and have the perfect wedding outfit. 

10 tips to be well dressed in a wedding day 

Tips or rules, it doesn’t matter, the important part is to follow them. In that way you will 100% well dressed for the wedding you’re invited at. 

Number. 1 

Always remember that the focus is on the marrying couple! Do not steal the scene to them, you will have your turn to be noticed, this is not a competition. 

Number 2. 

Extremely avoid choosing a white dress. The bride is only one. 

However, season ad complexion permitting, you can opt for neutral colors: they are always elegant even if soft. Play with the outfit using colorful accessories. 

Spoiler: they can be eye-catching in a simply way. 

Number. 3 

Black is not the right choice. 

We are part of “black is a happy color” team too but, sorry not sorry, if you are reading this article you’ve been invited to a wedding, not a funeral. Do not forget it. 

Number. 4 

Colorful but not harlequin. 

Don’t overdo it, to choose a colored dress with patterns can be the right way but be careful. If you have any doubts, read point number. 1 again. 

Number 5. 

Here we are for men too. Leave jeans and sneakers at home.

We know that they are more comfortable than the complete suit but weddings are not everyday. Choose formal clothes, it will be better. White shirt, dark pants and blazer, elegant and dark shoes. In spring or summer you can opt for light-colored garments too. 

Number. 6 

Forget about short and tight dresses. 

Usually every wedding has the party time. Remember that you are still at the wedding, disco are somewhere else. 

Number. 7 

Heels are good but not always necessary. 

Team “heels” is here, but they are not always a good idea. For smaller stature they are ideal, they will give you a nice little ‘cm in heigh. However if you’re taller, no worries your outfit can be beautiful also without them, if properly replaced. 

Just choose a sober pair. Remember that you want to be formal and well-dressed.

(Don’t forget to bring with you a spare, your feet will thank you) 

Number. 8 

Woman pantsuit can be the particular outfit you need. 

Nobody says that pants are not elegant for a wedding. The important thing is to choose the right pair. No skinny pants but wide model. Colored or dark, match with right accessories and shirts they should respect at all the typical wedding dress-code 

Number. 9 

Accessories always complete the outfits, but use them with wisdom. 

The perfect example? 

The pochette or clutch bag needs to be carried in the hands, never over the shoulders. 

Simple but eye-catching are the keywords, do not exaggerate. 

Number. 10

Make up: less is more.

Read number. 1 again.

Now remember to yourself that you look good also without too much make up on. 

Moreover, it will be more elegant and fine. 

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