Wedding in Istria – one of the best destination for weddings in Croatia

Considering Istria for your destination wedding in Croatia? If you are here, you are probably looking to get some good reasons to choose Istria. So, you came across on one of the many lists of the best wedding destinations in the world. Especially in Croatia.

Located in Croatia, Istria has quietly made its way to the top of all the best wedding destination lists . With Dubrovnik, Tuscany and the French Riviera now considered rather passé and predictable, Istria is where everyone wants to celebrate their wedding lately.

Looking for a top location for your destination wedding or want to say ”I do” in Croatia? Keep reading to find out why Istria continues to earn itself a prime spot amongst the world’s best places for destination weddings.

This must-do wedding location has long been a favourite holiday resort for Italians, Europeans and European dignitaries. It is a dazzling melting pot of all the best bits from the top wedding destinations in Europe.


Discover one of the top wedding destinations in the world

Fusing breathtaking scenery, beautiful hilltop villas, rich history, glorious coastline, warm Mediterranean weather, mouthwatering Italian-style cuisine and plenty of culture. Istria holds its own against the destination wedding giants. Such as Tuscany, the Cote d’Azur (French Riviera), Santorini and the Amalfi Coast.

Positioned along the Adriatic coast opposite Italy, Istria has strong ties and a long history with Italy. Italian is the second language in Istria. From food to landscapes, Roman history and a chic European vibe, there are lots of similarities to be found.

From top wedding venues in Istria to the best time to visit, top things to do, top Istria wedding planners in Croatia and lots more. Read on to uncover the top 10 reasons why you should celebrate your wedding in Istria.


Wedding in Istria: a guide for couples
10 Top reasons to celebrate your wedding in Istria, Croatia


1. Best time to visit

When is the best time to visit Istria? You’ll be pleased to know this beautiful coastal resort delivers the sun-kissed weather you want for your wedding almost all year round.
You’ll find warm temperatures last all the way from April to October. Delivering a flexible climate akin to other European sun traps like the Balearic Islands, Portugal and the east coast of Spain.
Istria’s proximity in the Adriatic means warm weather is often accompanied by a welcome sea breeze. And you can expect temperatures to rise to around 28°C at the height of summer when the resort is most busy.
April to May and September to October are quieter times to visit. With temperatures lifting from around 16°C at the beginning of April to around 21°C by May. The warmth lasts well into Autumn with highs of around 24°C in September and around 20°C in October.

2. Best wedding venues

Istria has so many stunning and unique wedding venues to choose from. Some of the best Istria wedding venues include elegant private villas in the hills, contemporary hotels along the coast. Vineyards edged by lush olive groves, romantic secluded islands just off the rocky shoreline and lots more.
Top Istria wedding venues include: Villa Poropati near Groznjan, Paladnjaki in Žminj, Red Island in Rovinj. Hotel Royal in Opatija, Zlatne Stijene in Pula and Villa Lav in Bale. ….more about Istria wedding venues

3. Low wedding costs

There are many reasons why couples choose to have a destination wedding. One of them is the huge costs that a wedding involves. In the UK, the US and many other places around the world.
By deciding to have your wedding in Istria, you can make huge savings. Savings without comprising on quality or the things you really want in your wedding. From wedding venue costs to wedding decor and wedding food, you’ll find you can keep your wedding costs down by getting married in Istria.

4. Best wedding food

Istria’s location as well as its historical ties with Ancient Rome and modern Italy mean you’ll find this is a foodie dream.
Gourmet food and wine is of the standard of any favoured Italian region, with everything from award-winning wines to cheeses, cured meats, fresh seafood, wild asparagus, olives, aged ham, white truffles, grappa (a grape-based brandy) and mouthwatering Italian-style dishes are in plentiful supply.

5. Easy to get to

Travelling to Istria is easy. The closest airport to Istria is Pula Airport.
However, you can also get to Istria easily from Slovenia, Italy and Austria. Croatia’s many European borders and close positioning to Italy means you can travel by car (plus a short ferry ride for Italy) from all three countries.
The closest Italian airports to Istria are Venice and Trieste from where it is also possible to finish the journey by bus or train.

6. Best things to do in Istria

Like so many of our favourite European destinations, Istria has a rich cultural and historical heritage. You’ll find charming medieval villages, Byzantine architecture, ancient castles, waterfalls and historic churches dotted throughout the forest-covered hills which rise above the sea.
Down below, you can enjoy beaches (mostly rocky although there are some sandy beaches), caves, national parks, museums, waterparks, ziplining, golf courses, coastal resorts, stylish marinas, clubs, bars, restaurants, galleries, festivals, alfresco dining and lots more.
Scattered throughout the region are astonishing Roman ruins, lush vineyards and pretty medieval towns. Istria has long been a favourite hideaway to many European leaders and stars, so there are plenty of regal residences to uncover.
Step into the port of Pula and you’ll find Pula Arena, the city’s magnificent ancient amphitheatre, as well as The Temple of Augustus, forts, theatres and lots of other epic ruins from the past all over the region.
Along the coast there are also over 1000 tiny islands, waiting to be explored.
Top places to visit in Istria include the pretty towns of: Motovun, Grožnjan, Rovinj, Porec, Brijuni, Pula, Fazana, Rabac, Medulin, Novigrad, Pazin, Buje and Pomer.

7. Best wedding experiences

There is clearly lots to do and see in Istria, Croatia. For wedding experiences specifically, you’ll find a wide range of exhilarating things to do. With something to suit all ages and fear thresholds.
For the adventurers there are wine tours, ziplining, paragliding, tandem flying, diving, helicopter tours, rock climbing, truffle hunting, cycle tours into the hills, island trips, go-karting, caving, waterparks to name a few.
Meanwhile, more sedate activities such as: boat cruises, hiking, fishing, summer concerts, artisan craft tours, olive oil tasting and food tours are also plentiful.

8. Best Istria Wedding Planners

One of the most important things about planning any destination wedding is to find a top Istria wedding planner in Croatia from the country where you will be holding your wedding.

By planning your wedding with the best Istria wedding planner in Croatia, you can ensure:

  • everything is planned properly beforehand and executed to the highest standard on the day.
  • all legal requirements for getting married in your chosen country are properly met.
  • you have inside information about all the best wedding venues and wedding suppliers someone from outside the country wouldn’t know.
  • you benefit from discounted rates your local wedding planner will be able to secure using their long-established relationships with wedding suppliers and wedding venues in Istria.
  • your wedding includes surprises, special touches and traditions that are unique to your chosen country, someone from outside the country would never have thought to include.

We love our beautiful town and would be delighted to help you planning your wedding in Istria. Our bespoke services cover every wedding service you’ll need for your wedding. Visit our home page now or get in touch at or on +385 95 9122041.

9. Best Istria Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Our expert team of Istria wedding planners and designers also includes top Istria wedding photographers and videographers.
With our close-knit team working as one unstoppable machine, you know we’ll pull off the most spectacular wedding in Istria for you. Browse our portfolio and wedding services.

10. Your wedding guests will love it

Finally, unlike Tuscany, Santorini or the French Riviera, Istria has the pull of the unknown. For some parts of Europe, including the UK, this side of Europe is still largely undiscovered.
Most family and friends won’t have been here so your wedding will have the extra excitement, uniqueness and wow factor you want for your destination wedding.
It also gives your wedding guests a bit more for their money. When your guests mull over the wedding costs, the prospect of a holiday in a new and exciting European destination will make their attendance even more rewarding.

For expert, stylish, luxury wedding planning for your wedding in Istria, get in touch with us today.

We are a highly experienced team of Istria wedding planners, wedding photographers, wedding videographers and wedding designers.
Based in Istria, we deliver exceptional wedding services to couples from the UK, US, Italy, Austria, Croatia and all over the globe. We love to turn couple’s ideas, dreams and wishes into stylish, luxurious, fun and unforgettable weddings in Istria.
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